I can’t believe that it’s only 8:30 and I’m already sleepy. I think after this episode of Murder, She Wrote goes off I’m going to bed. I’ve got a kind of busy day ahead of me tomorrow since a couple of things have gone awry. I forgot to make my first payment for this semester of school when I went and brought my books yesterday and a book I ordered from Amazon is not the one that was shown on the site. So I have to go back to school tomorrow and make that payment and buy that book. I also have to make the Bourbon Chocolate Pecan cheesecake tomorrow. I never knew so much work went into baking a cheesecake. I think the Caramel Pumpkin Pecan Gingersnap one turned out how it was suppose to. I was surprised that it didn’t have any cracks when I took it out the oven. I’ll be putting it in the deep freezer tomorrow; that’s why I want to get the other baked. I think freezing them will help when I ship them.


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