Information Management

The class hasn’t even started yet and it’s already a pain in the butt. So the teacher puts the syllabus up Tuesday and I read through it and lo and behold I need something called student papers. I either have to go to the bookstore and buy it or print it out. Of course she doesn’t have it posted so I can print it and when I went to the downtown campus bookstore today and  they didn’t have it. So hopefully it’ll be at the bookstore at the west campus I’m going to tomorrow; if not then I’ll have to go to the south campus. I also still haven’t went and brought another charger for my phone and it seems like the one I have downstairs is trying to die and the one for my iPad. I think I have an extra one for the iPad but it might be the last one I have. So if I ever make it to the Apple store I’ll be buying chargers galore. I got really aggravated in class today because while the teacher was talking there were two chicks having a conversation and I’m like really? Of course they were the first ones asking questions; instead of talking pay attention. There were also two girls that came in late. Towards the end of the class there was a younger girl that didn’t know how to make a folder on the computer. I thought basic computer skills were taught in high school. It seemed like such a dumb question to me coming from someone that I thought should already know how to do it.


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