I seem to have more of it now that I’ve changed some things in my life. I’m actually a week ahead in one class  already. Which is good because it’s over in March and that’ll be here before I know it. It also helps because the class I take after it is taught by the same teacher and she said that as soon as I’m done with the current one I can start the work for the next one.  So when I’m done with the second one I might not even have to go to that class which would be two free days to do homework if my other classes have a lot. I did finally go to the Apple store today and stock up on USB cords. I had no luck finding the student papers for class tomorrow. I sent the teach an email telling her none of the three campus bookstores had them and that I didn’t see a link in Blackboard where I could print out the ones that are needed for class. Last time I checked there wasn’t a response from her. Either everybody else in class got them or nobody is trying like I am.


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