Last Day Of 2012

2012 was a year of recovery for me. I stopped being depressed and making┬áreckless┬ádecisions. I decided that I wanted better for myself. A decision that some people didn’t like. Which was fine by me since that let me know who didn’t need to be in my life anymore. Just like when I decided to go to school first instead of looking for another job. I’m done with people that don’t want to support me but I was dumb enough to support no matter what. I’ve spent a lot of my life taking care of others and not myself. I’m over that. I don’t really make resolutions anymore; there are just some improvements that I want to make to make myself a better person.

Change Is Coming

I can be bad at remembering things so I decided to start this blog as I attempt to get my life together. I also started it because I might be moving from Milwaukee to Sacramento after I get done with school. I just want to have something to remember my journey by. I also might become roommates with two guys that I only know through the Internet. Yes I know I should be wary of doing it but someone else I know is currently roommates with one of the guys. So I hope that it’s not a bad decision. I haven’t been happy with my life in awhile and I want to make changes that will make happy again. So hopefully a new job and a change of scenery will do just that.