Back To Business

So school started back today and it was good to get out of the house. The class I went to today was a keyboarding one that I have to take for one of the programs that I’m enrolled in. It seems to be an easy class; the rest of my classes not so much. Which is fine; I’ll just have to buckle down and get the work done. Most of the classes I’m taking this semester are business orientated; something that I’ve got some experience in and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to hone my skills and learn something new in case phlebotomy doesn’t work out. I kind of want to sign up for the baking production program since I seem to be talented in that too. I think I’ll finish the two programs I started first and then see what happens.

It’s Over

My first semester back at school that is. I think my grades stayed the same that they were mid semester which means I’ll have 2 A’s and a B. So that should be a 3.5 GPA if my calculations are correct. Much better then the semester that I didn’t finish but yet somehow got a passing grade in one of the classes. Hopefully I will do as well next semester when I take more classes.