My grandmother and aunt want to go grocery shopping tomorrow. On Christmas Eve. I hope we go early and that there’s not a crowd. I figured that since we’re going I might as well pick up what I need to make cheesecakes for two of my friends. I still need to figure out how I’m going to ship them;¬†especially¬†since I’m cooking them in a water bath. To all those reading this Happy Festivus!


I actually started working on my paper that’s due tomorrow. I think when I get done it’ll be another B and I’ll keep that grade in the class. Before I started to write it though I spend most of the day looking for sources to site and eating Nutella out the jar. I don’t know what took me so long to try it. Now I want to bake something with it. When I do that will be on my other blog; which I started to set up last night. There’s already a Tumblr with tons of recipes that I hope to try one day. I also signed up for a Twitter with that name which I’ll most likely connect to the the other two sites.