If she tells me one more time that because my stuff is under her roof that means she can go through it. We’re going to have a problem. I can already hear myself telling her to shut the fuck up with that bullshit. Any excuse to be nosy and in my business. That’s why everything is password protected. I’m also really tired of being asked how am I paying my bills. My smart mouth is going to get the best of me and I’m going to say sucking dick. The writing is on the wall though. Especially since school is about to be on summer break. That means she’ll be at home everyday. We can’t both be in the house all day together. That’s asking for trouble.

Forever Alone

Most people are scared of the possibility. I welcome it with open arms. As of late I just can’t seem to connect with someone that will be honest about their situation or what they really want from me. To me it’s so simple but maybe it’s not. Maybe I should just start lying and misrepresenting myself to people and see how that goes.


I seem to have more of it now that I’ve changed some things in my life. I’m actually a week ahead in one class  already. Which is good because it’s over in March and that’ll be here before I know it. It also helps because the class I take after it is taught by the same teacher and she said that as soon as I’m done with the current one I can start the work for the next one.  So when I’m done with the second one I might not even have to go to that class which would be two free days to do homework if my other classes have a lot. I did finally go to the Apple store today and stock up on USB cords. I had no luck finding the student papers for class tomorrow. I sent the teach an email telling her none of the three campus bookstores had them and that I didn’t see a link in Blackboard where I could print out the ones that are needed for class. Last time I checked there wasn’t a response from her. Either everybody else in class got them or nobody is trying like I am.

They Say It’s Your Birthday…

So today is my niece’s 3rd birthday. She can be a brat sometimes but I still love her. As usual my sister had a party for her which she was not prepared for. I spent a good part of it with nephew who seems to be growing an attachment to me. I really can’t tell yet because my sister and I look so much alike. My niece calls me mama sometimes because she can’t seem to get us straight when we’re together.  All in all it was an alright party; I do think if I’m not working during the summer then I will help her out with my nephew’s party.

A Week From Today…

School will be starting again which is a good thing because I’m starting to get bored just being at home. Most of my classes this semester are for the 2nd program that I signed up for which is office technology. I’m also taking a history class and medical terminology for Phlebotomy. I also need to petition this semester so that I can do clinicals during the summer or fall. Hopefully I get accepted and can do it in the summer and find a job so I can add on to my savings and move out. Those are my main goals for now: getting a job and moving out.


I made a little bit today. I put together my new desk chair, watched all the shows that recorded on my DVR while I was gone, watched the Doctor Who DVD from Netflix and unpacked. Hopefully I’ll get the rest of the containers that I need this week and finally get the rest of my stuff organized. I really needed that time in Chicago; I slept good every night and didn’t have to stress out about anything. Of course coming home was a different story. The situation that I’m in now just makes me realize I have to do things in my life differently. I also need to think things out more too instead of just going and doing things at the spur of the moment.

Master of the House

It’s been stuck in my head since I went to see Les Miserables this evening. It was good; the only thing I didn’t like was Russell Crowe’s singing. I didn’t get anything done this morning like I thought I would. Hell I almost didn’t make the train because I waited until the last minute to print out my ticket. Of course my printer decided to give me a hard time when I tried to print. I had to restart my computer just to get it to work. I hope it doesn’t give me any problems when school starts back up. So one of the previews before Les Mis was The Great Gatsby. Good Lord that movie is going to look beautiful. I want to reread the book before it comes out especially since I haven’t read it since I’ve become an adult.