The extra charger that I brought when the iPhone 5 came out is already dead. Barely got 4 months use out of it. I thought I was going to go buy the rest of the containers I needed today but that got pushed back to Friday. I’m just going to stop trying to plan things since they never work out the way I want. I ended up spending the day clearing out my DVR and watched Sliver Linings Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty. SLP was a decent movie but I don’t think it deserved a best picture nomination and I don’t see why Zero Dark Thirty got one either. I only have 3 more Best Picture nominees left to watch. I wasn’t going to try to get a hold of Life of Pi but since I’m keeping a pretty good pace I figure I might as well. I’m even going to try to watch all the movies nominated in the animated feature film category. I keep hearing good things about ParaNorman and I’ve already watched Wreck-It Ralph.

Oscars 2013

Everybody seems to be in an uproar about the nominations. I’m kind of meh about it for now; especially since I haven’t seen all of the best picture nominations yet. I’m kind of bummed that I won’t be able to go to AMC’s Best Picture Showcase this year. That’s how I usually watch all the nominees. Looks like this year I’ll have to view them using nefarious means. I’ll probably watch them on Mondays since I’ll have spare time between the 3 classes I have that day.

Master of the House

It’s been stuck in my head since I went to see Les Miserables this evening. It was good; the only thing I didn’t like was Russell Crowe’s singing. I didn’t get anything done this morning like I thought I would. Hell I almost didn’t make the train because I waited until the last minute to print out my ticket. Of course my printer decided to give me a hard time when I tried to print. I had to restart my computer just to get it to work. I hope it doesn’t give me any problems when school starts back up. So one of the previews before Les Mis was The Great Gatsby. Good Lord that movie is going to look beautiful. I want to reread the book before it comes out especially since I haven’t read it since I’ve become an adult.

Blast From The Past

So today I went to see Django Unchained; I’m a Tarantino fan so of course I liked it. All these reviews about it being historically inaccurate and what not are so stupid. Did any of those people watch Inglourious Basterds? Django Unchained is the same type of movie; a good and bloody revenge flick. For the ones complaining about the gratuitous use of the word Nigger. Did any of them watch Jackie Brown? Besides the film was set during the time of slavery; we all know that word was thrown around a lot during that time. I’d rather go see a Tarantino movie then the crappy remakes that Hollywood keeps on insisting on doing. Going to the movies today did remind me of why I don’t usually go on opening day. There were two women there with babies and small children. The guy next to me kept getting up to get popcorn. It was just really annoying. I like to be able to watch a movie with no distractions.  So I’m on my way home from the movies and I see the man that I use to mess around with. The weird thing about it is that today was exactly one year since the last time I saw him. I have no interest in rekindling that though. He made it clear that he doesn’t want anymore children and I do. It seems like that is the one thing the men that I meet don’t get. Is it really too much to want a child of my own and not just be a stepmother to someone else’s?

Christmas Eve

It really doesn’t feel like that to me. I really don’t know when the last time I was in a Christmas mood was. It had to be before my grandfather got really sick. It was always our tradition to go see whatever new release that came out on Christmas. I knew he was getting worse when he didn’t want to go. I think the last movie we went to see on Christmas was the first Sherlock Holmes one. Even after he passed away I didn’t go I just stayed at home. This year I’m bringing the tradition back. I’m going to see Django Unchained and maybe Les Miserables too. So shopping this morning wasn’t so bad. The grocery store was pretty empty. I also got a surprise visit from my niece and nephew. He’s only 5 months and he weighs more than his sister! I’m pretty sure it’s because he’s a greedy little thing. When he’s hungry he screams until he turns red and starts choking on his spit. He would be a good advertisement on why not to have kids. I love him but I was glad when my sister came and got him.