So every couple months I spend 24 or more hours awake. I don’t know what causes it; it just happens. I’ve been up since 10 am yesterday; my eyes are getting heavy now though. I’ll be going to bed soon and probably won’t wake up until tomorrow afternoon. I might set my alarm though because I have a few things I want to do tomorrow. As far as my organizing is going; I found the missing Before Watchmen comics but no signs of any of the games yet. I spent today hauling boxes out the attic and going through papers and throwing out what I don’t need anymore. I emptied out one box and have almost 2 garbage bags so far. Looks like I’ll be needing more containers and I’ll definitely have to reorganize the containers with my kitchen stuff. I don’t go back to school until the 22nd but I’d like to get  this done and over with so I can relax and get myself on a regular sleep schedule.


Ever since I moved back home my stuff has been a mess. Partly because my grandmother insists on going through my stuff and organizing it the way she wants it. She’s also gone through my things and taken out stuff. It’s very annoying. Since I’m on break from school I’m finally getting around to organizing my things the way I want. Since I might be moving to California next year I’m also trying to figure out what I need to take with me. So far I’ve gone through my video games and comics. Of course some games aren’t in their cases and it seems that I’m missing a couple issues from the Before Watchmen series that I’m pretty sure I brought. Hopefully I’ll find whatever is missing as I go through the rest of my stuff.