Christmas Eve

It really doesn’t feel like that to me. I really don’t know when the last time I was in a Christmas mood was. It had to be before my grandfather got really sick. It was always our tradition to go see whatever new release that came out on Christmas. I knew he was getting worse when he didn’t want to go. I think the last movie we went to see on Christmas was the first Sherlock Holmes one. Even after he passed away I didn’t go I just stayed at home. This year I’m bringing the tradition back. I’m going to see Django Unchained and maybe Les Miserables too. So shopping this morning wasn’t so bad. The grocery store was pretty empty. I also got a surprise visit from my niece and nephew. He’s only 5 months and he weighs more than his sister! I’m pretty sure it’s because he’s a greedy little thing. When he’s hungry he screams until he turns red and starts choking on his spit. He would be a good advertisement on why not to have kids. I love him but I was glad when my sister came and got him.

Ho Hum

That’s what today was like. It was raining and I really didn’t get anything done. I still have one more paper to finish writing for English. Instead I went to Toys R Us with my sister to buy my niece parts for the Dora dollhouse she’s getting for Christmas. I still need to buy her brother something; which won’t be too hard since he’s only 5 months. Hopefully I’ll get to work on that paper tomorrow after I go to Walmart with my brother. I also need to fill out my change of financial circumstances form for school. I can’t believe that I have to be out of a job 12 weeks before they consider whether or not if I need financial aide. Hopefully they will especially since I’m taking a full load of classes next semester.